Saturday, May 4, 2019

OTCWF - Beginner Scent Work - Week 6

Neither rain, nor dark clouds, nor tornado watchs will keep us from class.  

Although the rain almost kept us from the pre class golf cart.  BOL.  I persevered.  

We have arrived!

We were only 1 of 4 in class tonight usually we have 8-9.  That means we got extra searches.  Boo ya!  Chance and I went to the puppy room first.  We did HIDDEN SEARCHES!  Like totally hidden in a box wif no holes.  We had to solely rely on our noses.  But ya know whats?  It wasn't that hard!  In fact is was super easy.  First round we did 3 boxes, next was 5 boxes, then the bonus was 5 boxes again.

Side note from the momma.  I started noticing a behavior change.  Its very subtle, she slows down spends more time at the base of the box and intensely sniffs ( I can't describe it any better).  Its different than her beginning search sniff. 

While we waited for chance to do his searches i may or may not have rooted through his bag.

We switched and joined Martha in the mirror room.  We worked on....oh my dogness....not self rewarding.  We have to find the source then wait for the pawrent to mark that we have found it.  Momma and I are using the clicker full time with scent work.  Then I get the treat after and jack pot treats for staying at the source and resniffing.

As the clock marched on towards 7 pm the next class filtered in.  I got to sniff a french bull dog.  She was super cute and super sweet.  Said hello to Kita and Wolfie from a distance..  We checked in with Miss Martha one last time and bit farewell.  

As we left this was the view in our MM side mirror.  Yep dark skies...very creepy.  Thankfully we were headed south away from the storms.  

We grabbed Poppy from Doggy Nanny's house and raced fast as we could home to beat the rain.  

Ya know what...WE MADE IT!  With about 15 minutes to spare.  

lookat those clouds creeping up.

Whew, just enough time to pee and lock the doors so no rain could touch our precious selves.  We ate supper serenaded by raindrops on our window and a couple rumbles of thunders.  It was pretty nice.


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