Friday, May 17, 2019

Pizza and a Movie

We were invited over to a family members house recently to watch a movie.  Oh boy!  I love movie nights.  This time I brought my kangaroo pouch to nap in.....I mean relax in while I watch the movie.

We talked.

Ate pizza.

Then it was movie time.  What are we watching?

The Mule?!!? Its an animal movie!  Score!

Darn it....I fell asleep and missed the animals. Momma was raving about the movie though.  She said it was great. 

Once momma woke me up it was time to pick up Lucy and head home.  As we walked up to Doggy Nannys house we saw an old furiend....MARTIN!  Its been ages since we have seen our lizard furiend.

On the way home momma couldn't quite tell what Lucy was doing in the back of the car but once we parked she got her phone out to take a picture.  Yep she is balancing on the dog carseat and the console.  Lucy I get poodles are circus dogs but really in the car just sit on the carseat.  I can't take this sister anywheres.


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  1. Lady and Man can't watch animal movies because we watch them too loudly.