Tuesday, May 14, 2019

No More Wet Paws - A Walkee Paws Review

With spring showers comes wet paws.  Personally I can not handle my paws getting wet.  Its simply unacceptable!  I don't know how doggies with fully furry paws do it.  I would simply go mad!  Well we heard about Walkee Paws and might I say they look like the best invention since rain coats for dogs.  

They are not your average doggie boots that you see in youtube videos that go flying off the first time out.    

They are paw protectors attached to leggings that strap over your back like suspenders.  Its simply genius!  The bottom is a water proof rubber boot.  The upper is a comfort stretch fabric with a sizing gauge on top.  

Place the gauge over the back with ring towards the head and the Walkee Paws label towards the tail.  Insert paws.  Adjust gauge if needed.  Boom you're done!  Ready to frolic about and do your business wif dry paws. 

They have an amazing selection of fabrics (houndstooth, camo, polka dot and chocolate brown) to fit in with any wardrobe.  They come in S M or L but they are very adjustable.  Walkee Paws even has a handy sizing guide that can be found here and they even have an adorable Cocker Spaniel Model.  I fit nicely in the small.

I love that there is no strap on the ankles (they are very non-restrictive), come in fashion colors, don't interfere with my harness fitting properly and are very comfortable to wear.  I feel furry confident wearing these leggings.

Here was my real life test of the product.  I braved the harsh down pours!  

My paws feel dry momma!  Its amazing!

If your pet hates having wet paws or you hate the mess their paws bring in on rainy days, visit the Walkee-Paws website here.  Check out the selection and try a pair out today.


**Disclaimer I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review. 

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  1. I never would've thought of leggings instead of boots! How interesting.