Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Pupdate Post - WalkAbout Luxating Patella Knee Brace Review 2/3

To see my first impression try on and review of this product please clicky here.

Well Its been about 2 months of using my knee brace on runs/golf cart rides.  I must say its going well and its very nice having the support on my knee when I am running. 

Or driving!  

I am able to go longer between rides, have less limping, and sniff more stuffs.

Rest break in the shade.  

Which way are we going now Poppy?

Agreed, lets head for Doggy Nanny's house, I bet she will have a snackie waiting for us.  Shes just thoughtful like that!

Just wanted to send another HUGE THANK YOU to Walkabout for sending me this to review.  Its making a world of difference.  



  1. So glad it's working out for you! Also, love the way the pink harness looks with your furs.