Saturday, March 9, 2019

Try on and First Impression of The WalkAbout Harness Knee Brace (Luxating Patella)

As our readers may know I have bum knees, or a luxating patellas.  If you want to read the full history on my knees check out a little post momma did yesterday by clicking here.  On a recent walkie momma noticed I was holding my right leggie up more than before.  I actually held it up for long periods of time instead of the usual 3 legged skipping I had done previously.  She insisted I ride for quite a bit, which was fun but I wanna run.  Once we got home she started doing research while Poppy and I napped.  She looked into braces that would give my knee stability.  Long walkies through the neighborhood and runs in the park are my most favorite things in life and just because I have bum knees doesn't mean I can't enjoy them.  We just have to find a solution.  Then momma found this website.  Its called Walkabout and they are a California based company.  We contacted them about doing a review and they were kind enough to send one to me to try out.  I can not say THANK YOU enough!  

Here is some information from the manufacture website:
The Walkabout knee brace us patent 29/583,971  516213904-D* offers stability and compression to injuries involving the knee joint. 

The 3mm neoprene brace has been used to rehabilitate the knee joints on thousands of dogs and cats with minor to major joint issues ranging from overuse, cranial cruciate ligament tears, luxating (dislocating) patella and arthritis.  The brace should be worn during active times and taken off for quiet times and when your pet is sleeping. Please remove when no one is home.

For sizing we used their handy guide.  I am a A-15, B-6.5, H-6 and G-3.  I consulted wif momma and we chose the xs.  When it arrived it was the slightest bit big.  We contacted the company, they were very understanding and got the exchange done lick-ity split.  I chose the xxs this time.  Upon its arrival it fit like a glove! So if you are between sizes, size down.   
Measure the circumference of the abdomen directly in front of the back legs.
Measure the circumference of the upper thigh (back leg) at the point where it meets the body.
Measure the circumference 1" above the knee. Dogs under 15lbs measure 1/2" above knee.
Measure the circumference 1" below the knee.

It is super easy to put on.  Slide your paw in, velcro over the back, velcro below the knee and if needed clip to your harness.  (Side note it works best with Roman Style H Harnesses where the d ring is over the back vs a step in where the d rings sit high on the shoulder)

Now, they not only carry knee braces but they have elbow braces, support harnesses (both front end and back end), boots, belly support slings, and accessories.  Check out their website to see the full line of products and gallery of photos.  

On our golf cart ride when I was let off leash for a bit of running I felt unrestricted.  

Momma noticed I didn't do my usual skipping on this trip.  

In the back yard when we had a little "chat" with the barking boxers I was able to fling my self about quite nicely while running the fence.  

I was able to do some rocking chair ballet.  Enjoy!  Que the music!!!

During times of rest...

...and reflection I was very comfortable.

First impression is 10/10 do recommend!  Its light weight yet provides comfortable compression, and didn't bother me to wear.  Loyal readers know my stance on clothing.  Unless it allows me to go for a walk I don't wear it.  

I am excited to continue to use this throughout the spring and give updates from future Golf Cart trips.  

If you have a pup interested in trying a brace or any of the amazing products check out their website by clicking here.


Disclaimer: I was sent this product in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Glad you found something comfy that helps your knee.

  2. That looks like it will help you lots. You did a great review too.

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