Thursday, March 14, 2019

New Kong Fillers and Momma Bought a Snake

We have entered week 5 of the day care closure.  Routines are getting better.  We had a small incident wif the gate, a onsie and me.  Long story short, the gate attacked me, momma put it away and we have full run of the apartment.  Anyhoo momma came up wif a new filler recipe for our kongs.  We are trying out yum yum bones (milk bones soft and chewy treats) inside topped wif Cheese for Lucy and Peanut butter for me!  Here was the first set ever made.  

PUP-date: yum yum bones and PB are puptasticly delicious!

While the kongs are the favorite part of our morning momma noticed we both had a tough time getting all the goodies out since the kongs are so deep and our tongues are short.  (Don't worry the extracted the leftovers fur us)  She remembered seeing a different style fillable toy that was in the shape of a snake on a facebook group. She thought that since it was long and a bit more shallow it would work better. 

So there you go.....we now own a snake!

PS the treats go in his underside, momma forgot to get a photo of the snake empty.  Silly Momma!

Here he is filled.  Im drooling!

Lucy & Poppy 


  1. Momma was a little skeered to read your post, because she's SUPER terrified of those slithery thingies. I'm glad yours is a toy!