Thursday, March 28, 2019

I'm Going Back to Class!

Scent Work classes started March 26th.  The evening of March 25th I began preparing.  I gathered my vaccination records, treats, treat bag with custom Lucy charm, my new training harness and 6ft leather leash.

Modeled my new harness.  It fits nicely and is quite comfortable!  If your interested in purchasing one there will be a link below.  

I was so jazzed up I was half way to the car before momma reminded me I had 24 hours before class actually began.  Drat!  Better go back in the apartment.  

Saturday I will be posting all about my first class, I have a few finishing touches to put on it first.  So be sure to check back in then.  Before you go a quick message.  We have become Amazon Affiliates.  Want to see the products we use and love?  Check out the "Our Favorite Products - Amazon Affiliate Links" page at the top of the blog or click the link here.  If you make a purchase we do earn a small percentage and that in turn will go into our Puppy Emergency Savings Fund.  Any clicks and purchases are GREATLY appreciated!  Here is the Amazon link for the Dihapet harness I am sporting for class.