Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Backyard Fun and a Golf Cart Ride

During all of our bitter cold weather (as we paw this its a brisk 21 degrees with 15 mph winds) we got a 50-60 degree day last weekend and we took full advantage of it spending the majority of the day outside!  First we sniffed...

...Then we ran da fence with BB1 and BB2.

Pee break...Why is it that there is always a line at the ladies room?

Oh excuse me its my turn.

Engage play mode.

A bit blurry on the return but you can see the happy tail! 

It was at this point I ran up onto the porch from the concrete slab and back out again.  As I hit the end of the porch I mis-stepped and tripped.  I ended up wif a boo boo on my leggie.  We decided to hit the golf cart next.  During the ride I got in my kangaroo sling and rested my poor leggie.  I can sniff just fine from here.

Lucy led the way. 

When we arrived back at Doggy Nanny's house Lucy beat everyone to the door as usual.  Please let me in!  Please!  I got kisses to give you!

Pup date: my booboo is healing quite well.  And I have full use of me leggie again. 

Lucy and Poppy