Monday, March 4, 2019

Story Time - I Ran Away From Day Care

A roaming non listener,  that is what momma calls me from time to time.  What can I say on occasion the things I am sniffing are more interesting than momma.  Don't really know why...just is.  So one day at Day Care, just before the big closure, Aunt Brenda stopped by for a visit and as she was leaving and saying good bye....Doggy Nanny was standing there wif the door open not thinking about little ol' me when something caught the attention of my nose. 

I decided I must investigate.

I bolted out the door and down the porch to get a better wiff.  I ended up a few houses down and across the street at the highlighter house.  Its called that because its residents painted it wif actual highlighters and even being a dog I can see it glowing orange!  Here is a map of my journey.
(Doggy Nanny's house on the left and the highlighter house on the right)

Eventually I heard some noise coming from Doggy Nanny's yard.  It was Aunt Brenda and Doggy Nanny yelling for me to come back.  Then they were flapping their arms about to slow down a truck to give me time to get back across the street.  Yes truck, you must slow down for the princess.  I took my time in returning to ensure I didn't miss anything on my journey.  Once I was inside everyone was relived.  Unfortunately Doggy Nanny tattled on me about my unauthorized run and momma gave me a firm finger shaking for the incident, but I just licked and nibbled her finger.  I not sorry one bit.  

A Poppys gotta sniff what needs to be sniffed, that why it smells.  #poppylogic




  1. Well we are sure the peeps were terrified and are glad you made it back safely.

  2. Boy, the peeps sure do get upset if you go walking without them! What do they think we are, babies?

  3. Ok, Poppy - not cool running without a chaperone! Eddy's glad you're safe. And those bloopers are super cute!!

  4. Sometimes ya just gotta smell, BOL!

  5. Oh, how I have wanted to do that 87 million times gurl! Ma is just too anal to lets me gets out the door.....sigh.
    Ruby ♥