Friday, March 15, 2019

Heartworm Preventative Time - #ChewyInfluencer - Pharmacy Review

Ah the 15th its heartworm preventative day again.  Since switching to Sentinel last year heartworm prevention time is so much less stressful. 

Oh my DOG!!!!  This is my last dose of Sentinel. 

Surely not! Let me get a better lookie.

Better hop on the ipad and order another box from's online pharmacy right away.

No momma I am not trying to avoid taking my medication.  *WINK* *WINK*  This needs to be done first then I'll get right on it.  *Crosses paws*

Little tip tap here n there and I am done! makes the process of reordering medications  super easy.  And since my pet profile is saved under mommas account its even quicker than last time.

They handle contacting the dogtor, the rx paperwork and the shipping.  Meaning I am done and I just have to wait for fedex to drop it off at my door!  Now onto my original task for today.  Yeah I definitely am going to needs some cheese to wash this down with momma.  Much better!


Pup-date: There was a knock at the door and just look at what I found!!!!

Everything from arrives so fast!  #pawsomecustomerservice

Let's dig into dis box.

There it is my Sentinel Heartworm Preventative.

Right size, right brand, and....

Even has my name on da back.

Better load these pills into my purple container and the box in my doggie book for safe keeping. #organized

Do you take a monthly, weekly or daily prescription?  Why not give your pawrents a break from running to the vet every time you need a refill and check out the Pharmacy.  Its online, easy to use, they handle all the pawperwork, have comparable pricing and, like I said earlier, shipping is super duper fast.  There is no reason not to check it out!


* I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review.  

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