Thursday, March 7, 2019

Take Your Dogs To Work Day...Night?

It was just an ordinary day out to pee at 5 am, brekkie, chew chew time, nap time, Lunch break with momma, afternoon kibbles then things changed.  Momma didn't come home at the usual time then Aunt Lynette stopped by for a visit and loaded us up in her jeep.  She took us on a bye bye ride.  We ended up at mommas work place.  Momma was waiting by the front door wif our stroller.  What the heck?!?!  We get to do some overtime wif momma. Cool Milk Bones!

First we checked the big board.

We needs to clear these?  Do we have a crew on site?  10-4

On to mommas desk, lets get a good look here.  Pens, rolly-deck, lotion, paper clips.   

Alright who do we have working tonight on the assignment sheet?  O.k.

Radio on

Aww who are these cute pups?  Oh that me and Lucy's pictures.  How sweet

Lucy I am putting you on radio duty.  


5 seconds later...

Now what?  We wait?  Really?  

Ok hang that radio on da stroller and we wait.

As 1150 rolled around Poppy done hit a snooze.  

Im awake, is it quittin time?  Alright roll us out.                                                                                                 

Lucy & Poppy


  1. Oh how fun! I only get to help Momma work when she works from home. She says I can't go to her office.

  2. Cool beans! Looks like you had some fun learning about Mom's job to pay for your milk bones.