Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Petsmart Haul

 My moo moo cows squeakers finally died and quit squeaking.  Sad day.  So momma thought it was time for them to go and new toys to take their place.  Unfortunately Petsmart doesn't carry those particular toys any longer.  Sad day again.  However momma did some digging and found some toys that have no stuffing but loud squeakers and parts to rip at.  She made a curbside order and look at this haul!  Two toys and a bag of CET chews.

We were occupied the whole way home.



Thursday, May 19, 2022

She Cut Off My Bracelets

 Well this years allergies have been worse than ever.  Stupid weather.  My legs were super itchy and hot and momma didn't want to keep coming knots out of my bracelets so this happened....

I feel a little lopsided but my leggies feel better.  I am back on my apoquel full time again.  So that should help too.  



AC Down Equals A Trip To DayCare

Our AC has not been dealing with the heat well so we got to go to daycare.  Boo ya!


We had a blast!  Thanks Doggy Nanny, Grandpa and Gracie!



Relaxing At Doggy Nannys

 While relaxing at Doggy Nannys (and bringing her flowers for Mothers Day) and Aunt Martha stopped by for a visit.  Then Doggy Nanny and Aunt Net arrived back home. So it was quite an exciting afternoon.

I passed out after giving everyone kisses and love.

Poppy made herself a little nest to rest in.  She borked for hours at the pesky squirrels.  

Momma I tryin to naps!

Once home it was a similar situation.  Zonked out!



Living My Best Life

Sun, Shade and warm temps.  Im in heaven!

Can we be done with the outsides now?



Monday, May 2, 2022

Helping Momma Feel Betters

 Mommas been missing work due to allergies and bad headaches.  We have been making sure she gets rest and takes her meds.  We also provide adorableness to keep her spirits bright. :)



Pool Pawty and Miss Buffy's Debut

This past weekend we had a get together with 8 pups and countless hoomans.  There was great food, great furiends and happy times.  In attendance was Mr Douglas, Miss Buffy  (and fam), Miss Josie, Miss Puddin (and fam), Faith, and Faiths new brother Lil' Man.  Lucy and I make 8.  Wow!  This was Buffy's debut pawty.  Before he passed Miss Buffy was her grandpas service dog.  Which is honorable work!!!  Now shes getting out, traveling and going to puppy pawties!   Without further ado here are the photos.  

Thank you Mr Douglas, Miss Cindy and Mr Donnie for hosting!  We had a blast.  Buffy, Faith, Lil Man, Puddin, Josie it was GRRRReat to see all of you and we can't wait to meet up again.