Saturday, April 29, 2017

Robot Puppy Problems!

4-29-17 I've noticed while commenting on posts it says "Prove you are not a robot".  But per my paperwork from the vet I have a microchip and am in fact now a robot puppy!  What ever shall I do?

Would a tinfoil harness will block the robot signals?!

Robot Puppy Growls,

Friday, April 28, 2017

My Spay Recovery

4-26-17 When I got home from the Vet Clinic look what I found on the couch from momma.  Its a Spay Recovery Kit.

The kit includes:
A soft e-collar (In case I need assistance remembering not to bother my scar)
T-shirts (So I can keep my scar covered and clean)
Little Jac Treats
Denta Stix
CET Chews
Meta-Cam (pain reliever)
TV Clicker
Mr Lizard 
and a Squeaky Ball


Post-Spay Selfie Time

Hmm...maybe I need some help...Momma can you take the camera?

I think its time for a quick nap.

After my nap and a potty break...I came back in and went through my goodie bag from the Vet's office.

Pain Meds

My robot license and tag.  And would you look at that they are both YELLOW!  Just perfect!

I think its time for another nap now.  My pain meds made me sleepy.

Puppy Growls,

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Spayed and Proud

4-25-17 Remember back when I got my final vaccinations and momma filled out a "Surgical Consent Form" for a "Spay Surgery".  Well momma finally told me what it all means as she was taking away my food and water bowls.  Hey, what if I needs a midnight snack or sip of water? I could die from thirst-y-ness and food-less-ness! 

 She told me as puppies get to a certain age/size, as determined by their veterinarian, they qualify to be spayed or neutered.  She went on to say spaying and neutering means that we are no longer able to have puppies.  Which sounds like a good thing.  I can barely keep up with all my toys, let alone a whole litter of puppies!


4-26-17   When we woke up on Wednesday morning momma had not put my bowls back out and even forgot to feed me breakfast.  How could this happen?  Then instead of putting me in my kennel so she could go to work we got in the car for a bye bye ride.  I thought she lost her mind!  We ended up at Flanary Vet Clinic.

This is my skeptical face.

We walked inside and she put in a kennel in the isolation room.

You will NEVER believe what she did....she shut the door and  left me!

 After what seemed like days (edit by momma: 1 hour) the clinic staff came in, stole my blood and poked me in the hind quarters!
After that I don't really remember much....I felt very sleepy.  zzzZZZzzzZZZzzz

 *Here is a dramatic re-enactment of the events that occurred while I was sleeping.*

When I woke up I had a scar on my tummy and a lampshade on my head.  After a few more long days (edit by momma: 8 hours) momma returned to pick me up.  I gave her my most pittyful face and puppy cries to let her know I didn't like this at all! 

Before we left look what happened!  I got to use this cool machine.  Its a microchip reader.  Seems while I was under anesthesia they also microchipped me.  Now if I get lost all the vet clinic/animal shelter has to do is scan me, my unique number comes up and they can contact momma.  So now I am a robot puppy.  That's pawsome!

I am proud to be spayed and proud to not contribute to the pet over population problem we have here in the US.  Now I can focus all my attentions on my toys, tricks and playtime! 

Robot Puppy Growls,

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

BTS: Embark Unboxing

 4-17-17 During the Embark unboxing I took some behind the scenes shots.

 Has it been 30 minutes yet momma?

After momma swabbed my mouth we put the swab in the solution and shook it all about, just like the instructions said, then sealed up the package.

I went to town so I could pawsonally put it in the mail box.

And off it goes!

Puppy Growls,

Life with Lucy Review: Embark Dog DNA Test (Part 1/2)

4-17-17 This Life with Lucy Review we will be on the Embark DNA Dog Test Kit.  This review is part 1 of 2 so be sure to check back for the PUPdate. Dogs are complex creatures and well I wanted to learn more about my own ancestry.  I don't remember much before I came to live with momma and she started documenting my life.  So I pawed through the interwebs and found out about Doggie DNA tests.  Now there are a lot of companies on the market.  So it can be confusing for a wee little pup to decide which company to use.  Then I found Embark.  The company was founded by Ryan and Adam Boyko and is based in Austin Texas. 

 Embark can test for 150 breeds, 160+ diseases, drug sensitivities, and even offers a wolfiness score!  The wolfiness score shows how many genes a dog has inherited from its wild ancestors.  As an added bonus when new tests are added to their database they will automatically test your pets panel until the current sample is exhausted.  Which is something that no other test currently offers.  Its not a one and done, its ongoing research!

The test its self was super simple.  Swab the pets cheek, activate online, mail in sample and wait for the results. 


So here is my journey!  We received the kit in the mail on 4-17-2017.

My Embark kit is now officially unboxed.

I checked out all the contents.  I think that is everything.

I could to not eat or drink for 30 whole minutes prior to the swab.  This ensures that you get the best DNA sample possible.  Wow! It was the longest 30 minutes of my wee little life! 

After the swab we sealed it in the container provided in the kit and packaged it up for mailing.

They say it can take about 6-8 weeks for the results.  So we will continue this review once the results are downloaded to the iPad.

For the first part I give this product an A+.  The ordering process is easy, the shipping of the kit was super fast, and the packaging was top notch!

Momma gives it an A+ as well she said the instructions were easy to follow, the kit was easy to use and you get a dog tag!

The little doggie on the tag is even in my favorite color!  Bonus points!!!

Puppy Growls,

*Disclaimer: I did receive a discount in exchange for this review.  However this review was not swayed by the discount and is an honest review of our experience with Embark.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Good News Regarding Mr. Lizard

4-24-2017 This evening as we rotated the laundry I found Mr. Lizard.  To my surprise his fur was still soft and his squeaker was still working!  Yea for Mr. Lizard he will live to see another chewing session....and hopefully many more!

Puppy Growls,

Gettin' Inked

 Momma has been telling how her desk was missing "something".  She pulled up a picture on the ipad of paw prints that her Angel Mollie Jo made for her desk many moons ago.  She wanted a set of mine now.  So we gathered some supplies....

The ink felt funny on my paws!

And that set is done!

On the second set I left a spot to add my big girl paw prints.  That way momma can see how much I've grown!

I think they look smashing!

Momma says these will be perfect to add that certain "something" to her desk!

Puppy Growls,

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Accident with Mr. Lizard

 4-20-2017 Momma picked me up from daycare Thursday and it had been raining pretty hard all afternoon.  When we arrived home we found Mr. Lizard out by the driveway sitting on the ramp.  He was all wet.  When momma picked him up and he was leaking....a lot!  She said he will have to have a bath with the next load of laundry.  Hopefully he can be saved!  He is my favorite toy!  I can't even imagine how he got outside! 

I will pupdate you on the situation as new information becomes available.  

Puppy Growls,