Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Im-Paw-Tance of Monthly Medications (AMP #1 & #2)

4-15-17 This story starts 3-15-17 the first time my momma gave me my monthly medication.  She started with working my obedience commands and giving me treats.  Then she tried to slip a treat by me that smelled funny.  I spit it back out and momma tried to give it to me again.  And again I spit it out.  Its just plain no good.  Well she said we had to do it the hard way and gave me no option of spitting it out.  GAG! I swallowed!  She said its for my own good.  But how can eating treats that smell bad be for my own good?  Then she said I had one more.  Well that one didn't smell as bad and so I ate it on my own.

Back to today.  Momma brought out the bad smelling treats again.

I asked her why I had to have these.

She explained that the first little pill, Interceptor Plus, prevents me from getting heartworms which is a deadly disease transmitted by mosquitoes. I thought No way!!!

All it takes is one bite from an infected mosquito to transmit little baby heartworms.  When they grow they fill the heart and make it hard for your heart to work properly!  With being in the southern part of the US, heartworm disease is very prevalent in our area. The other treat, Nexgard, is to kill any fleas or ticks that come near me.  Ticks carry a whole host of diseases and fleas well they are just plain gross!

Lets get those treats out now momma.

So the trade off is two smelly pills per month to prevent heartworms and kill fleas/ticks.   That doesn't seem so bad.  I still don't like the taste but I guess I can handle it if its only once a month.

All done!  Another month protected!

Puppy Growls,


  1. You gotta stay safe, Lucy. Good girl for taking your meds!

  2. We like our pills with a little peanut butter. Maybe you could try that next month.

  3. Kia takes hers with a little cheese wrapped around it or dipped in(a little bit) peanut butter. As you know, she has trachea damage from being abused. So can't shove them down her throat. I'm afraid she'd choke to death.