Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Spring Bitey Face and Photoshoot

4-8-17 After meeting the Easter Bunny I told momma I wanted to go tell Aunt Gracie all about Betty and play some bitey face.

When we arrived Momma went to let Gracie out and I hid in the grass! 

Then sneak attack.

Momma why are you laughing at me? 

Anyway look out Aunt Gracie here I come!

Zoom Zoom

Oh wait you have something on your head, APRIL FOOLS!  BOL

OK Aunt Gracie it was just a joke.

Gracie saw some pesky squirrels and we went to investigate

Bitey face was winding down.  So...

We had a light snack

Did some sun bathing

Selfie Time!


...and bracelets!

  My cute pose
 My serious pose
My model pose

My tired pose

We headed home after I fell asleep on the porch but I rallied!

And played with Jackson Cat before  going in and taking a good long N-A-P! 

Puppy Growls,