Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Spring Bitey Face and Photoshoot

4-8-17 After meeting the Easter Bunny I told momma I wanted to go tell Aunt Gracie all about Betty and play some bitey face.

When we arrived Momma went to let Gracie out and I hid in the grass! 

Then sneak attack.

Momma why are you laughing at me? 

Anyway look out Aunt Gracie here I come!

Zoom Zoom

Oh wait you have something on your head, APRIL FOOLS!  BOL

OK Aunt Gracie it was just a joke.

Gracie saw some pesky squirrels and we went to investigate

Bitey face was winding down.  So...

We had a light snack

Did some sun bathing

Selfie Time!


...and bracelets!

  My cute pose
 My serious pose
My model pose

My tired pose

We headed home after I fell asleep on the porch but I rallied!

And played with Jackson Cat before  going in and taking a good long N-A-P! 

Puppy Growls,


  1. You are just the cutest little girl, Lucy! I just love your furry bracelets!

  2. Lucy you sure have that modeling down. You are just too cute!

  3. You Surely know how to have some MAJOR FUN.

  4. We just love seeing you having so much fun, Lucy!!