Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Puppy Class # 6

4-17-17 Six weeks have passed since I first started puppy class.  Its hard to believe that graduation day is already here!  Just look at my first class photo.  I was so tiny!

 I would like to send a big THANK YOU to Nanette at Petsmart for teaching such a great class.  I bid farewell to my classmates Harley, Vader, Sawyer and Silas!  Keep up the good work boys! 

First thing we did was roll call. Lucy Here, Harley Here, but Vader sadly didn't make it to this class.  But in a great turn of events Sawyer and Silas did make it!  YEA!  I play bowed, shook my tooshie at Silas and gave him even more puppy kisses! He is just so sweet!!!!  After roll call, our pawrents received clipboards with a survey for the class.  Once that was turned in we got right to the PUP Quiz.  We had to show our trainer that we had been doing our homework and were behaving.  Harley went first and did great!  When it came to my turn Nanette slid a stool my way so I could show off my stuff like the circus dog I want to become!   So I did sit/down with stay (or as momma renamed it, hold it), watch me and leave it/take it.  Then Sawyer and Silas showed off their stuff!  When we all were finished it was time to hand out the Graduation Certificates!  WOO HOO!!!

 After pictures the pawrents talked about going on to the next class and if we can all make it work with our schedules all four of us pups are going to go to the intermediate class together on June 5th.  I'm really working on my momma to make this happen.  I want to go on, learn more and see my furiends again!  So it may not be farewell, it may be see you soon boys!

Here is my official week 6 photo:
I even wore my graduation cap charm! 

Puppy Growls,
*Puppy Class Graduate*