Monday, April 17, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: I'm Loosing My Teeth

4-16-17 Last night we were watching Desperate Housewives, we're in season 4 now, and mommy said "Lucy your holding your mouth funny, whats going on?"

 umm, momma i don't like this game!

Once she got a good look she exclaimed "Lucy you are loosing your puppy teeth!"  Oh my dog!

She says this is normal for a 5 month old puppy and new one adult teeth will grow in their place.  But how am I going to eat my kibble and milk bones till those big teeth come in?  I'm furry concerned!

Puppy Growls,


  1. There is always ice cream until your big girl toofies come in, Lucy!

  2. OMD Lucy... don't worry... your mom will SOAK your Treats and make them SOFT to "CHEW".. until your Big Girl Teefs come out.

  3. You're really growing up now. Just think how easily it will be to chew once you get those big teeth.