Monday, April 10, 2017


4-9-16 First I would like to wish a BIG ol' Happy Birthday to Grandpa. 

Well this is not exactly how one should spend a birthday but.....We had a fire!  OH MY DOG!!!!  When Doggy Nanny called we rushed right up and found this.

Doggy Nanny called 911 and requested assistance and I went out front to wait for the fire trucks.  I think I hear them coming momma.

There here there here!

Multiple vehicle's came to get the fire under control.

All the commotion and sirens had Aunt Gracie scared to death!

Thanks to all the men and women who came out to help get that fire under control.  You guys are PAWSOME!!!

Well the wood pile is now gone and the woods behind the house are blackened but no houses, peoples, or puppies were harmed.  We thank the good LORD for that! PTL!!!

As momma and I headed back home....I saw the truck up close.

And a little poodle thought entered my little poodle brain!

Anyone coming?

Oh hello kind sir, is it ok to have a little fire truck photoshoot?  Yes.  Ok Thank you!

Oh my dog!  I am on a real life fire truck! 

With the wind its like we are rushing to a 5 alarm fire!

When the wind died down I did some poses!

This is soooo cool!

I feel like a bone-i-fied fire dog!

Puppy Growls,
Fire Dog Lucy

Edit by the momma: Just wanted to brag on my Lucy.   She is only 5 months old but got up on the fire truck, was not scared and did her commands.   #ProudPoodleMom


  1. Lucy, that must have been so scary, especially with all that wind. The wind can carry the embers far away and cause more burning. We had a big fire like that in OP a few weeks ago. We are glad you are all OK. And yes, you make a very impressive firefighter:)

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  2. What a scary thing to have happen! Thank doG no one was hurt! You make a pretty impressive fire dog, Lucy!