Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Puppy Class #4

4-3-17 Another Monday, Another Puppy Class completed.  Tonight it was just Vader and me.  After roll call we dove right in.  We started with "Settle".  Our Trainer said that this is good for any situation where puppy crazies may not be acceptable.  We do sit, down, then the momma says "Settle", we have to stay in a down and just remain calm.  Then we get a treat and massage.  Very Cool!  Nice work Vader puppy!

Then we loaded up and headed to the back of the store.  It was time for recall training.  Now momma and I have been doing this at home but not with so many distractions but I am up for a challenge.  Nanette, the trainer, put me on a long line and then sent the momma to various spots down the long back aisle of the store.  Then momma had to use the "watch me" command then "come" command.  The trainer said that the mommas have to keep up the praise and happy talk just like the "lets go" walking training.  So us wee pups don't get lost on our way to the mommas.  At each length I made it to my momma, except once, I ran right past due to some interesting pee mail I found by the crates.  Momma went after me and the trainer gave her a command.  "Stop, don't chase just, repeat the watch me and come commands."   I gave momma lots of kisses as her reward for listening to the trainer.  :)

When Nanette sent momma to the furthest part of the aisle to use the come command, I knew I could do it!  But the long line wasn't quite long enough and the trainer couldn't keep up with my fast self.  I hit then end of the long line and wiped out.  But I got up and kept going!  Straight to momma and got my treat.

Once Vader and I did quite a few of the stright line come commands, Nanette up-ed the ante and we played Hide and Seek.  We stayed with Nanette and the mommas would go hide then start calling our names.  The first round I got distracted with kissing Vader but finally made my way to find momma hiding behind some kitty litter.  I like this game!!!!

Then we had a Dachshund dash through training.  She was very sweet, but after watching my puppy crazies upon meeting her, momma had some questions for the trainer. While momma was asking her silly questions, Vader and I did some puppy bows, play growls and gave each other more kisses!  To add to the cuteness a song about kissing came on the radio.  Every one was aww-ing.  I admit it did add to the moment.  :)

After hide and seek we were dismissed.  I gave Nanette my latest vaccination print out for my puppy class folder.  Then we headed home.  Here is my official Class #4 Photo:

Just two weeks left till graduation and the S.T.A.R. Test.  I can't wait!

Puppy Growls,


  1. You're doing a fantastic job, Lucy! Keep up the great work!

  2. Go Lucy!! What a smart girl!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  3. You are doing great in your training class. Sounds like you and Vader are good friends.