Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Life with Lucy Review: Embark Dog DNA Test (Part 1/2)

4-17-17 This Life with Lucy Review we will be on the Embark DNA Dog Test Kit.  This review is part 1 of 2 so be sure to check back for the PUPdate. Dogs are complex creatures and well I wanted to learn more about my own ancestry.  I don't remember much before I came to live with momma and she started documenting my life.  So I pawed through the interwebs and found out about Doggie DNA tests.  Now there are a lot of companies on the market.  So it can be confusing for a wee little pup to decide which company to use.  Then I found Embark.  The company was founded by Ryan and Adam Boyko and is based in Austin Texas. 

 Embark can test for 150 breeds, 160+ diseases, drug sensitivities, and even offers a wolfiness score!  The wolfiness score shows how many genes a dog has inherited from its wild ancestors.  As an added bonus when new tests are added to their database they will automatically test your pets panel until the current sample is exhausted.  Which is something that no other test currently offers.  Its not a one and done, its ongoing research!

The test its self was super simple.  Swab the pets cheek, activate online, mail in sample and wait for the results. 


So here is my journey!  We received the kit in the mail on 4-17-2017.

My Embark kit is now officially unboxed.

I checked out all the contents.  I think that is everything.

I could to not eat or drink for 30 whole minutes prior to the swab.  This ensures that you get the best DNA sample possible.  Wow! It was the longest 30 minutes of my wee little life! 

After the swab we sealed it in the container provided in the kit and packaged it up for mailing.

They say it can take about 6-8 weeks for the results.  So we will continue this review once the results are downloaded to the iPad.

For the first part I give this product an A+.  The ordering process is easy, the shipping of the kit was super fast, and the packaging was top notch!

Momma gives it an A+ as well she said the instructions were easy to follow, the kit was easy to use and you get a dog tag!

The little doggie on the tag is even in my favorite color!  Bonus points!!!

Puppy Growls,

*Disclaimer: I did receive a discount in exchange for this review.  However this review was not swayed by the discount and is an honest review of our experience with Embark.


  1. It will be interesting to see what your results are.

  2. We can't wait to see your results Lucy...we are pretty sure t is going to be "Very Cute Puppy"!!
    Arty, Jakey & Bilbo

  3. I can't wait for the results, Lucy. I bet you come from royalty!