Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thinking Thursday: What's in a Name?

4-20-17 My name is Lucy, short and sweet. :)

Before I came to live with my momma she had a BIG list of doggie names she liked.  A few of those names included Ellie Mae, Sophia, Elsie, Betsy, Bessie, Sophie, Frannie, Izzy, Stella, Daisy Mae, Maggie Mae, and her top choice Bailey (alt sp - Baylee).  The name Lucy was on her list but way further down.  Momma says when she saw my cute red curls she knew that Lucy was the name for me!  I agree!

I'm often called Lulu, Lucy Bug & Lucy-No as well.  

Fun Fact: In my previous home I was known as Finley.

Puppy Growls,