Tuesday, October 31, 2017


So furiends I have racked my brain for months on what to be for Howl-O-Ween.  This is my first Howl-O-Ween so it had to be perfect.  So one night we were watching videos on YouTube and I was STRUCK with inspiration.  I saw something green and round.  I instantly knew what I wanted to be!  I pawed through the interwebs and found exactly what I was looking for on eBay.

I showed momma and she thought it was perfect too! So we paid and a few days later my costume arrived!

Are you ready....

Are you sure...

On the count of 3...


I'm a little SOYBEAN!!!!!!!!!

I'll be out in the field eating treats if anyone needs me.

Puppy Growls,

Friday, October 27, 2017

Meeting Chance the Dog at Petsmart

The day finally came when I got to meet the life size Chance at Petsmart!!!!  I wore my cowgirl hat and was ready to go!!!

He was so soft and cuddly!


On the way out we bought a special item (more on that on Tuesday October 31st) and the cashier gave me a treat!

They smell of berries and taste PAWsome!

I'm dying to know, did any of you get to meet Chance?

Puppy Growls,

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

#ChewyInfluencer - Nulo Trainers Duck Treats

Welcome back to my second #ChewyInfluencer Product Review for October.  This will be a taste test of the Nulo Trainers Duck treats. 

My oh my what trick shall work on today mom?

While we think lets crack this bag open!  What is this?  The bag has a velcro closure.  That will make moms and dads happy!  Quick open and quick close makes for easy treat dispensing!

Sniff Test......WOW!!!!  Who knew duck smelled so good??!?!

While I take a few more sniffs here are the facts to share wif your hoomans.

Make training delicious and nutritious with Nulo Freestyle Grain-Free Duck Recipe Dog Training Treats. Formulated with duck as the first ingredient plus wholesome chickpeas and a boost of superfood goodness from cherries, blueberries, and honey, it’s the bite-sized training treat that packs a big dose of nutrition. It also has salmon oil to provide DHA-rich omega-3 fatty acids for even more wholesomeness in every bite! And at two calories per treat, it helps support a healthy weight for dogs of all breeds and ages, even puppies. Plus, it’s made with zero corn, wheat, soy, artificial preservatives, colors or flavorings.

Key Benefits
Grain-free treats are made with duck as the first ingredient for a delicious, single-source protein training reward.
Packed with the nutritious goodness of superfoods like cherries, blueberries and honey in every bite.
Loaded with DHA and omega-3 fatty acids from salmon oil and flaxseeds to promote overall wellbeing.
Great for training puppies and adult pups alike, and is low calorie so it can help your pooch stay at his healthy weight.
Made in the USA with no corn, wheat, gluten, soy, artificial preservatives, colors or flavorings.

Ok I figured out what trick I want to learn.  Let me sploot and get ready!

***BALANCE*** I got this....Keeping furry still!  Take the pic momma, hurry!  Got it!!!

This trick is on the intermediate check list! YES!!!!  One trick closer to earning a title!!!

These treats kept me focused and willing to work during our photoshoot and training session.  They are the perfect size for me to eat quickly while working.  Momma says they are great because they are soft but not crumbly.  So she can grab and hand them out easier.  Its a win-win and Nulo earns a 5 (*****) review!

If you love training check out Chewy.com for the full line of Nulo Trainers.  They come in a variety of delicious flavors!  Nulo even has jerky, dog food (canned/dry) and even has cat food!  Who knew?  Chewy.com has all your favorite brands and even offers autoship!

Puppy Growls,

#AD - I was sent this bag of trainers in exchange for my honest review.

#ChewyInfluencer - Newman's Own Chicken and Sweet Potato sticks

I have an awesome #ChewyInfluencer product review for you today.  I am taste testing Newman's Own Chicken and Sweet Potato sticks.  When I saw these on the influencer list to try I knew they would be a must have!  Seriously what could better than a stick but a chicken and sweet potato stick?!?!?!

We will start with the impawtant facts for your hooman to read.

Newman's Own Snack Sticks are made without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. These tasty treats include organic chicken, grains and vegetables. Newman's Own Snack Sticks are great as a soft, everyday dog treat.

Key Benefits:
Made with organic chicken, grains and vegetables: a healthy, delicious snack
No wheat or corn, no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
Free of added antibiotics and chemical additives
High palatability, loved by dogs of all sizes and lifestages
Packaged in a convenient resealable pouch that keeps treats fresh and is great for rewarding your pup on the go!

Momma set up the taste test to see which stick I would choose...A yard stick or the Newman's Own Snack Stick.

I bypassed the yard sticks (which normally would NEVER be the case) and....

...took the Newmans Own Snack Stick!  The smell of sweet potato and chicken was overwhelming!!!

I then took it to my favorite rocker to chew in peace!


Giving some side eye to a squirrel tryin' to sneak up on my taste test.

I give Newman's own a 5 (*****) rating!  They are crunchy, chewy and taste like chicken!  I do believe I will have to add these into my puppy play packs for my big cross country adventure (more on that later).  Side note: For petite pups these snack sticks can easily be broken up into small pieces by a hooman. 

Visit Chewy.com to check out all the products by Newman's Own.  They have canned food, jerky and snack sticks in every flavor combination known to pup! And if you find the one that tickles your taste buds you can have your hooman put them on autoship so you never run out!!!! 

Puppy Growls,

#AD - I was given this product in exchange for my honest review.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Bi-Yearly Vaccinations and Errands

Per the email from the clinic I am due for a bi-yearly Bordetella vaccine.  Its only intranasal so no pokes!  I think I can be brave!

Momma didn't get a picture of me getting my vaccine, she was too busy talking but before I left I got to go into the tiny room at the clinic.  It's called the x-ray room.  The hoomans wear funny lead outfits and I get to lay out on a big table and just relax.  When the big bell goes off it takes my picture.  Although I cant quite figure out how.  There was no flash like on mommas camera.  Anyhoo...here is the shot they got.  Oh no!  They cut off my head.  All they got were my paws.  But my oh my they are cute huh!  And quite skinny with no furs!

I did it I did it!!! YIPEE!

I bartered for some CET chews in exchange for my cooperation.

I gotta bust this bag open!


Why must they make the bags puppy proof?

I almost got it but had to ask momma for assistance.

After the vet we went to the Bank for a depo-sit. 

Momma got sent back a piece of paper and I a bank bone.  YUM!

All gone! 

After the Bank we stopped at Hucks for gas and guess what!!!!!!!!

I spotted some peoples I knew!

Its Grandpa and Aunt Gracie!!!!!!!!!  Best trip to get gas evers!

Puppy Growls,

Gracie Gets a Dental Cleaning While I Run Errands

10-13-2017 So at Gracie's last bi-yearly vaccinations it was mentioned that she needed a dental cleaning.  So momma made the appointment and the day has come.  I got bathed, because I was getting something special too, and had to be brushed out.

After a billion and a half hours I was sufficiently floofed!

We loaded up in my carseat.

And set out for Flanary Vet Clinic.

We have arrived!  We are sporting Lupine leashes and collars.  Im in the purple "Jelly Roll" and Gracies in the "Red Bandana".

Once Gracie got the once over from Dr. Rushing she was kenneled up to await her turn on the dental schedule.

Then I got my turn.  Seems I had to get an exam for a travel health certificate.  Its for our grand cross country adventure (more on that later).  Dr. Rushing listened to my heart, checked my joints, then she took my temperature....and that was done in an unkind way.  I will spare you the details!  I told her I didn't feel hot, but she didn't believe me!

It was super sad to leave my Gracie behind.  *Sheds tears*

And just thinking about that thermometer is making me itchy again!

Momma made it up to me by taking me to the bank to get a bone.


Then we stopped by True Value and picked up some "key covers" for mommas new apart....um thats topsecret for now.  Sorry.   She will be getting new keys for a big project she is working on.  :)

Paid up and ready to hit the road!

I was feeling quite parched after the busy morning so I stopped by sonic for...

...a poodle sized cup of water.  And they even gave me ice.  I love cold waters!

We got the text a few hours later that Gracie did great and she would be ready to come home later that afternoon. 

Puppy Growls,