Saturday, October 14, 2017

Gracie Gets a Dental Cleaning While I Run Errands

10-13-2017 So at Gracie's last bi-yearly vaccinations it was mentioned that she needed a dental cleaning.  So momma made the appointment and the day has come.  I got bathed, because I was getting something special too, and had to be brushed out.

After a billion and a half hours I was sufficiently floofed!

We loaded up in my carseat.

And set out for Flanary Vet Clinic.

We have arrived!  We are sporting Lupine leashes and collars.  Im in the purple "Jelly Roll" and Gracies in the "Red Bandana".

Once Gracie got the once over from Dr. Rushing she was kenneled up to await her turn on the dental schedule.

Then I got my turn.  Seems I had to get an exam for a travel health certificate.  Its for our grand cross country adventure (more on that later).  Dr. Rushing listened to my heart, checked my joints, then she took my temperature....and that was done in an unkind way.  I will spare you the details!  I told her I didn't feel hot, but she didn't believe me!

It was super sad to leave my Gracie behind.  *Sheds tears*

And just thinking about that thermometer is making me itchy again!

Momma made it up to me by taking me to the bank to get a bone.


Then we stopped by True Value and picked up some "key covers" for mommas new thats topsecret for now.  Sorry.   She will be getting new keys for a big project she is working on.  :)

Paid up and ready to hit the road!

I was feeling quite parched after the busy morning so I stopped by sonic for...

...a poodle sized cup of water.  And they even gave me ice.  I love cold waters!

We got the text a few hours later that Gracie did great and she would be ready to come home later that afternoon. 

Puppy Growls,

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