Sunday, April 30, 2023

Don't Let Monday Come

 Lets just snuggle a little longer and hope Monday never comes.

I am hiding in the pillow Poppy They will never find me.


Saturday, April 29, 2023

Exploring Google Maps

 Google Maps and Google Reviews are an awesome thing.  They can show you things youve never seen before.  Like the first vet clinic I went to with my first owner.  This is Teal Vet Clinic.

The inside of the clinic is something momma would have never seen....especially since we are in TX now.  

Here is the Petstore Fish Tales in Energy IL where my 1st owner purchased me from.    

From the limited research we could do it was open from 2013-2019. 

Here is the Amish Puppymill where I was born at in McLeansboro IL.  We have found out that he is no longer USDA registered as a "Breeder" and the farm sold in 2021 so hopefully he won't be in the business anymore.

I also looked up my first clinic in Lawton IL....Beavers Animal Hosp. 



Thursday, April 27, 2023


 We were running errands and as we parked I spotted this horrible little creature.

Ooh I borked him up good.

I even had momma drive me closer.

Unfortunately she wouldn't let me out as "I have a tendency to run off" and we were "near a busy street" but I let him know that he better watch out.  

In similar news we had a visitor mid week.  This cute little nuthatch.  I think she was building a nest with all that material in her beak.  She stopped by to say hi and check out our spy cam.



What the Heck is That?!!??!?

 Momma came home one evening, picked us up, and we headed to the north side of the city out near the base to pick up this item.  

Apparently it is a scale.  Momma has completely lost her mind I don't know why we need such an item at home.  

Anyhoo  obligatory photos....



Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Bahama Bucks Drive Thru

 One of our favorite drive thrus.  They have pupcup s for us and shaved ice for momma.

Just thinking about that pupcup.

Move sissy...I need to see.


Such a beautiful day!

Yeah Yeah lovely weather....I need to see that suspicious bird.

False alarm it was a napkin.


I can almost smell the summer weather.  

We are next Lucy....
...Are you ready?

We had our pup cups but it was far to tough for momma to hold it for us and get pics now that we are back seat riders.  Speaking of being backseat riders....the new booster mattress and quilt set up is working out wonderfully.  We can root around, see out the windows, and are comfy as bugs in rugs.  Mommas a genius. 



Tuesday, April 25, 2023

90's Inspired LNP Art

 We found an Italian Artist named Delia.  She goes by @diccha99 on Instagram.  Please check out her page if you have a moment.  She makes art that is so stinking adorable and its in mommas favorite style...90's.  Can you believe our momma was alive in the late 1900's?  Dang she must be ancient.  Anyhoo Miss Delia has been keeping us updated with progress throughout the project.  

Rough draft.

Second draft.

Color Check.

Final Coloration

Final Draft

And finally the ART!!!!!  We could not be happier these turned out amazing!!!!  Thank you Delia

Here they are framed and up in mommas office.  

And we added them to our splash pages for our books.  Oh my dog they look pawsome!!!