Friday, December 31, 2021

Spotlight Wichita Falls - Kemp Wholesale Grocery Building

Todays spotlight is on the Kemp Wholesale Grocery Building located down town at 500 8th St. 

It was built in 1892 and was in business for 35 years. It is named for its founder Joseph A Kemp (More About Mr Kemp Here).  In the early 1900's additions were completed and during the 1930's the Industrial Supply Company did business here at the time of the big oil boom.  They provided petroleum products to the area for over 30 years.   

In 1997 it was listed as a Texas Historic Landmark.  

Who knew this little building was such an integral part of Whichita Falls History.  



We Got Mail - DMWYD Certificates

Summer 2021 we pawticipated in the DMWYD Summer Scavenger Hunt.  We received our Certificates in the mail and finally got pictures taken.  

If the opportunity arises to DO MORE WITH YOUR DOG, take it.  You'll never regret it.


Spotlight Wichita Falls: Kemp and Kell Depot

Today's Spotlight WF will be about the Kemp and Kell Depot 


503 Eighth Street: Within Depot Square Historic District, National Register of Historic Places, Texas Archeological Site.

Railroads possibly more than any other factor were responsible for the founding, settlement, growth, and stature of Wichita Falls. Built in 1909, the Kemp and Kell Building Depot, now known as the Route Building, is an excellent example of the Renaissance Revival style of architecture. 

Industrialists Frank Kell and Joseph Kemp came to prominence as a result of their railroad involvement, and the Route building housed offices for their expanding interests as well as serving as both a passenger and freight depot. Near the geographic center of what was then the hub of the town’s activity, the Route building is all that remains of the once flourishing railroad legacy of Wichita Falls.*


Housed here is also a law firm

Thanks for coming along on this spotlight.



Spotlight Wichita Falls - Kickapoo Airport

 Today's Spotlight is on the Kickapoo airport.  On a recent trip home from the groomers we took an alternate route home and spotted this plane.  It sparked my interest in finding out more. 

The name Kickapoo comes from a native Texas tribe located in Eagle Pass close to the Texas and Mexico boarder.  

From the Wichita Falls website: 

Kickapoo Airport serves the general aviation needs of Wichita Falls and North Texas. Approximately 80 aircraft including small jets and helicopters are housed and maintained at Kickapoo on a permanent basis. The airport is minutes away from downtown businesses, area restaurants and shopping.

The area surrounding Sheppard Air Force Base and Kickapoo Airport is host to a great variety of aviation activities. Numerous airline, other civil aviation and military training flights take place at the Air Force base, Kickapoo Airport and the surrounding area. The Flight Safety Office at Sheppard Air Force Base publishes a very informative booklet about flying in and around North Texas and Southern Oklahoma. Please take a few minutes to read through this guide, “Share The Air”. It offers valuable advice on sharing the air in Texoma.



Spotlight Wichita Falls: Mystery Dog Mural

 This mural is a mystery as well.  However its too cool not to spotlight.  While not much is known about it, it features kids playing, a fire hydrant, a dog with collar and bicycles.

It is located on Scott St. here in Wichita Falls, TX


 There is not much info online about Quatro Oil but here is what we found. 

Quatro Oil and Gas, Inc. filed as a Domestic For-Profit Corporation in the State of Texas on Monday, October 30, 1989 and is approximately twenty-nine years old, as recorded in documents filed with Texas Secretary of State.

We do simply love this mini pump jack out in the front of their office.  



Spotlight Wichita Falls - Bird's Eye View - Down Town Wichita Falls

Wichita Fall's down town area is quite unique.  Atop this parking structure you can get a beautiful birds eye view.  This is why they say blue skies and golden opportunities.   Stunning!

Lucy I think if I could have a super power it would be flight.  Can you imagine all the squirrels I could spot and get if I had wings!

Can you imagine all the friends I could meet?!!!??


Wednesday, December 29, 2021

A Bit Of This N That

 So mommas been a bit distracted lately with life.  Something to do with these books.  I really dont understand it.  All that is in here is just red pen scribbles.  But apparently its important to her.  So that is why the blog has been lacking lately.  We have been posting in bursts but that is how life is.  

Here are a few highlights from the past few weeks.  We had a furry brave squirrel in our driveway.  Good thing we were in the house and momma was at work or he woulda paid dearly for this level of disrespect.

We have taken a lot of road trips including to Friburg Texas.

We even saw a coyote in a cowfield.  It was like 10 am in the morning.  Furry scary!

We have played a lot of bitey face.  (safely though) 

We hit a record on Christmas Eve of 90....yes 90 in Texas in the middle of winter.  What the heck?!??

While I played outside Lucy oped for the comfort of Doggy Nannys lap.  It looks like she got a little to comfortable.

Speaking of Christmas we got a furry nice treat from Mr and Mrs N.  Thank you!  The treats were delish!

We have been watching lots of movies with momma.  I do find myself falling asleep rather quickly.


We have spent lots of time in the yard sniffin and spyin.

Then Poppy got a sore back.  She was not willing to jump, play or even go outside.  She would just make a nest in bed and sleep.

Im sorry sissy!

Momma got her some medicines and after a good nights rest under my watch she was feeling better.  

And that is truly it.  



WF Christmas Lights




Having Flash Backs to Moving

 When momma brought all the junk...i mean accessories in from the car from Lucy's trial....I seriously was having flash backs to moving.  Thankfully I have my own little room to hide in till its all over. 

Everythings put up.

Its safe to return to my post now.


Memes We Love

 For Lucy

For Poppy



#wfrocks - Hunting Rocks Down Town

Just before Christmas a local artist Eddie Mandela began hiding the "12 Days of Christmas Rocks" all over down town the nigh of the big WF parade.  He left clues.  Many were found before we arrived.

But not the 5 Golden Rings!



I also took a glass reflection selfie for Mr Eddie.

I had momma post that we found the rock.

Then we were off to rehide it.  Down at Faith Resale there has been some art added.  These adorable puppers by @aartbyaaron

This looks like just the place to hide a rock.

Come and find it furiends.

We then posted to the group about our re-hide.

We knew one rock was placed at a local eatery....however it was too people-ee.  So we left it there.  The next morning we drove past P2 and would you believe the rock was still there??!!!??  Lucky day.

I shared my find with Poppy.  This was the 12 Drummers Drumming.

While we drove around to find a spot to rehide it we found these adorable tire decorations.  So FESTIVE!!!!

We ended up at Bud Daniel Park Down Town.  

Went for a good sniff.

Maybe did a little skipping!

Lucy Lucy come look...

Brians plumbing put a giant faucet on their building.  Super Cute!!!!

Poppy that gives me an idea!

We can rehide the 10 Drummers Drumming here on a fire hydrant by Brians plumbing.