Tuesday, December 7, 2021

It's All Poppy's Fault

One evening I was relaxing on the arm of the recliner when Poppy hopped up and started playing bitey the sister.  Usually this is a fun game till I went end over end and fell in the floor.  

I got up quickly but my foot hurt so I ran over to momma holding it up so momma could look at it.  Momma gasps and this is what she saw.  

We got the bleeding to stop and I finally got to sleep.

Meanwhile Poppy was just sitting in the floor like nothing happened.  

Later on I was walking with a limp due to my ouchie but I did eat my supper that night.  Can't heal if you don't eat.  :)  But then I got back to r and r

The following morning momma tried to get a better look at it.  But couldn't find a cut or anything.

Momma got me cleaned up, but it is swollen.   See my inside toe is sticking out.  :(

More r and r for me.

Plus an anti-inflammatory.


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