Saturday, December 18, 2021

OTCWF - AKC Scent Work Trail - Day 2

Saturday morning came furry early.  We had to leave by 645 am.

 The doors were set to open at 7.

We headed inside got our stuff situated 

and momma went to check in.

On her way back she checked and our trail placements were available.  We grabbed t1/t2 from yesterday.

In trial 2 HD I got 2nd place with a time of 16:40 seconds and 0 faults.

Alright momma I am ready for todays trials!

Momma slipped away to the handlers briefing.  Interiors was in the same area as yesterdays HD.  However we were in a little storage room off the hallway.  Then she went to the handlers breifing for containers.  We would be using the blinds from the buried searches in the main building.   All searches for interiors, containers novice a, containers novice b, and advanced would run concurrently.  We lined for containers first.  I went to the start line, down the right side of boxes and skipped the last box in that row.  I then went up the left and beelined for the second to last box.  I looked at momma and pawed the box.  She called alert and we got a hardy "Correct".  We made our way back across the red dirt arena to the hallway for interiors next.  We walked up to the doorway.  The judge said start when you are ready.  I sat for momma and then we went inside.  There was a metal chair rack and multiple chairs out to search.  I sniffed the rack and a metal chair.  I lingered around the metal chair for a moment.  But didn't give an indication so momma kept letting me sniff.  I then came across a plastic chair with metal legs.  I instantly knew it was here i sniffed up and down the legs and finally where the legs met under the seat I stopped and looked at momma.  She called alert and we got our q ribbon and a big "Congrats"!  I q'ed in 2 of 2 searches and we made our way back to the crating area for a picture.

I decided to nap.

While momma filled out our q pages.  Then she realized that with this q in interiors I have earned my SIN TITLE!  Whoop Whoop!

Still snoozin.

Once I woke up momma said lets go get your title ribbon.

So off we went.

OOh good smells!

Yes I need a title ribbon please.

Headed back to the crating area.

Get ready...

Get set...

Prepare for liftoff...


We have lift off!

Momma went to check the wall for times and we found I placed 5th (no rosette) in Containers B with a time of 13:64 and 0 faults.  I placed 2nd in Interiors A with a time of 21:06 and 0 faults.  Look at my rig now.  Just about filled up the end with ribbons. 

All too soon it was time to pack up and head home.  Great day!


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