Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Thanksgiving 2021

 Thanksgiving 2021 was quite nice!  We had family, food and long talks.  We are so thankful we are here, near family, and have all this time together.  Upon arrival we sat outside as it was a perfect 60 degree day. 

After the yard was patrolled we went inside to check on the foods.

Soon after Doggy Nanny called everyone to com fix their plates.  We took this opportunity to choose our seats. 

I was on the opposite side of the table.  

Post supper everyone piled in the living room to talk.  Uncle Teddy used me as a foot rest...

...and as a pillow.

Meanwhile the turkey hit me hard and I was asleep on momma shoulder most of the evening.  

We had lots of family visit and it was great to see everyone.  



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