Friday, December 31, 2021

Spotlight Wichita Falls - Kickapoo Airport

 Today's Spotlight is on the Kickapoo airport.  On a recent trip home from the groomers we took an alternate route home and spotted this plane.  It sparked my interest in finding out more. 

The name Kickapoo comes from a native Texas tribe located in Eagle Pass close to the Texas and Mexico boarder.  

From the Wichita Falls website: 

Kickapoo Airport serves the general aviation needs of Wichita Falls and North Texas. Approximately 80 aircraft including small jets and helicopters are housed and maintained at Kickapoo on a permanent basis. The airport is minutes away from downtown businesses, area restaurants and shopping.

The area surrounding Sheppard Air Force Base and Kickapoo Airport is host to a great variety of aviation activities. Numerous airline, other civil aviation and military training flights take place at the Air Force base, Kickapoo Airport and the surrounding area. The Flight Safety Office at Sheppard Air Force Base publishes a very informative booklet about flying in and around North Texas and Southern Oklahoma. Please take a few minutes to read through this guide, “Share The Air”. It offers valuable advice on sharing the air in Texoma.



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