Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Poppy Bolted Again!

 Lord have mercy!  This dog is going to be the death of me.  She also got loose at Hobo Coffee which is by a busy street.  Thankfully she listened to my pleas and came right back.  But this time after our Windthorst trip I got out of the car, was about to turn around to pick her up and Poppy bolted.  My heart sank.  I called and called but she wouldn't listen.  I threw my stuff in the house and hopped in the car.  I made a quick post on the Village's FB group to alert neighbors that she was out.  

I drove down our alley and saw no sign of her.  I drove down the next two blocks alleys but nothing.  I went around the block over to our street and all of a sudden I saw a flash of white. I threw open my door and called out to her...

...She immediately darted across the street to my car.

I kept calling and eventually she got to me and I snatched her up.  Hugged her and proceeded to shake my finger at her.  She just nibbled on it and kissed my face. 

My neighbor texted and said he saw I had her.  He had just arrived home and saw my post.  He also said another neighbor was out in the alleys seeing if she was hiding.  The Village neighbors really showed up and offered to help so quickly.  I am so thankful for that.  With the new car and seating arrangements we are still getting used to it but I have to be more mindful after these two incidents back to back.  Poppy is a sneaky little girl!

-Katie the Momma

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