Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Getting My Foot Checked

 Momma came home one evening to find me shaking and holding up my paw.  That meant it was time to go visit my furiends at Colonial Park Vet.  Since momma was in the middle of not feeling well, not covid she tested negative, we had to do a curbside appointment.  We called and checked in from the parking lot and moments later I was taken inside by myself.  I do love this part as I can do whatevers I want and there is no momma to say no.  BOL

Sisfur I don't like this.  How do we know you are safe?!!!???

Not too long after we got the call from Dr. Hoffman that it appeared that my nail got caught on something and bent it back.  It was red and irritated.  An antibiotic for the cut and anti-inflammatory for pain should get me back to my happy self.  

After a few doses that was in fact correct.  Here I am rubbing my head on the chair with my tooshie in the air.  Good thing too cause we had to help momma feel better during her sickness too.  

I still have a slight limp when I am outside walking on the pebbles but overall I am much better.  Now back to practice for scent work.



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