Wednesday, December 29, 2021

A Bit Of This N That

 So mommas been a bit distracted lately with life.  Something to do with these books.  I really dont understand it.  All that is in here is just red pen scribbles.  But apparently its important to her.  So that is why the blog has been lacking lately.  We have been posting in bursts but that is how life is.  

Here are a few highlights from the past few weeks.  We had a furry brave squirrel in our driveway.  Good thing we were in the house and momma was at work or he woulda paid dearly for this level of disrespect.

We have taken a lot of road trips including to Friburg Texas.

We even saw a coyote in a cowfield.  It was like 10 am in the morning.  Furry scary!

We have played a lot of bitey face.  (safely though) 

We hit a record on Christmas Eve of 90....yes 90 in Texas in the middle of winter.  What the heck?!??

While I played outside Lucy oped for the comfort of Doggy Nannys lap.  It looks like she got a little to comfortable.

Speaking of Christmas we got a furry nice treat from Mr and Mrs N.  Thank you!  The treats were delish!

We have been watching lots of movies with momma.  I do find myself falling asleep rather quickly.


We have spent lots of time in the yard sniffin and spyin.

Then Poppy got a sore back.  She was not willing to jump, play or even go outside.  She would just make a nest in bed and sleep.

Im sorry sissy!

Momma got her some medicines and after a good nights rest under my watch she was feeling better.  

And that is truly it.  



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