Sunday, December 19, 2021

OTCWF - AKC Scent Work Trail - Day 3

 Our third and final day.  All set up and ready to go!

Checked in.... are our crating neighbors.

The blinds were moved to make a new container search area in the wash stalls.

They called for a briefing.  Interiors would be in the same hallway as days prior, however the search would be in a bathroom.  Containers will be in the wash stall.  Mrs Oldham again gave the handlers a pep talk.  Just enjoy this as a moment with your dog.  If you fail or q your dog went full force and did what you asked.  Have fun.

When momma got back I got suited up in my tie dye harness.  

Im ready!!!!

Here is the waiting area (elevator area) where we line up.  Just around the corner is where the HD was held and down that hallway is todays search area the bathroom.  

We went to the door Mrs Powell told showed us the start line and other boundary line.  She told us to cross the start when we were ready.  We entered the search area, sniffed under the sinks, sniffed some chairs, one chair in particular caught my interest, I sniffed it longer then looked up at momma, she called alert and we got a "YES".  Q ribbon acquired.   

We then made our way to the containers search area in the wash stall.  

Ready momma lets go!

We approached the start line, momma asked me to find it, I went down the right side, starting in the middle of the row.  I sniffed three boxes then went to the left row of boxes.  I stopped at the first box, paused, sniffed longer and then began pawing at the box but never gave momma the look.  Momma cautiously called alert and Mrs Oldham said "you got it, good girl".  We retrieved our ribbon!

Momma caught this amazing shot.  So much excitement and happiness.
Quick Q ribbon pic.

Momma got our scores recorded in the book...

While I napped.

Then she retrieved the rosettes.  I placed 3rd in containers with a time of 11:99 seconds and 0 faults.  I placed 2nd in interiors with a time of 28:87 seconds and 0 faults.

The final shot of our rig and ribbons from the whole weekend.  

As we packed up the car to head home I may or may not have fallen asleep in the hatch.

Lets roll momma!!!!

I would like to say THANK YOU to the ring stewards, judges, OTCWF, and everyone who made this trail possible.  It ran so smoothly and we had a blast!!!!  You guys rock!

See you next year


Twinkle Twinkle Lucy Star SCN SIN TKP VHMA

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