Wednesday, December 29, 2021

#wfrocks - Hunting Rocks Down Town

Just before Christmas a local artist Eddie Mandela began hiding the "12 Days of Christmas Rocks" all over down town the nigh of the big WF parade.  He left clues.  Many were found before we arrived.

But not the 5 Golden Rings!



I also took a glass reflection selfie for Mr Eddie.

I had momma post that we found the rock.

Then we were off to rehide it.  Down at Faith Resale there has been some art added.  These adorable puppers by @aartbyaaron

This looks like just the place to hide a rock.

Come and find it furiends.

We then posted to the group about our re-hide.

We knew one rock was placed at a local eatery....however it was too people-ee.  So we left it there.  The next morning we drove past P2 and would you believe the rock was still there??!!!??  Lucky day.

I shared my find with Poppy.  This was the 12 Drummers Drumming.

While we drove around to find a spot to rehide it we found these adorable tire decorations.  So FESTIVE!!!!

We ended up at Bud Daniel Park Down Town.  

Went for a good sniff.

Maybe did a little skipping!

Lucy Lucy come look...

Brians plumbing put a giant faucet on their building.  Super Cute!!!!

Poppy that gives me an idea!

We can rehide the 10 Drummers Drumming here on a fire hydrant by Brians plumbing.  




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