Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Valentines Day Outtakes

 To finish February here are some Valentines Day Bloopers!

First the lighting in the living room was messing wif the camera even wif the flash we couldn't get good pics.

We relocated to the kitchen eek flash too strong!

Cute toofer pic while I was eating a training treat for being patient.

Eek still too bright.

More toofer shots.

Getting distracted after moving my Little Tykes table from one end of the kitchen to the other for better light.

So see I'm not always so prim and proper.  :)


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Signs Everywhere and Car Training

So as we were leaving the Petsmart Valentines Day event, momma put my treats and clicker up on the dash like she always does and decided to take a picture to document some of our "other" training.  So when we go to drive thrus, to the bank or to the Wal-mart pick up line to get our groceries I am lets say....enthusiastic.  There are people coming up to our window, people walking around the car, and more often than not bones are handed out.  So I jump around, paw at momma, and (as momma puts it) act like a fool.  So we have been working on my manners.

Hold your clicker what does that car say?

In DOGS We Trust.  What a positive message.

Did you get the pic before they drove off? Yes, good.

As we headed home we saw this lovely Texas sign and wanted to get a picture as it may be a good place for my TKN title photo.  #texaspride

And in the background I spotted a familiar name.  Fast Eddy the Teacup Poodle is one of my best furry furiends on FB.  We got a quick pic to share wif him and his momma.


Sunday, February 25, 2018

'splorin' Sunday

 What to do when it nice out and a calm breeze?

"splorin'" of course!

Not a toppled tree but it will do!

The meanie-wa-wa.  He/She bolts out of a hole in da fence all da time and bum rushes me from behind wif hackles raised.  Since the fence was doin its job today we snapped a pic.

Back to splorin


Saturday, February 24, 2018

Sandy Day at the Park

We find lots of fun things when we are out on golf cart rides.  There are two parks along our route.  I normally get free play time at the City View Park when no one is there.  But today it was full so we rode along and came to the Sunset Terrace Park.  And amazingly it was empty.  For the first time evers. 


Of course I had to do the obligatory photos for momma.  Cheese!

I just wanna play.

Ok, cheese!

Seriously though, can't I go play?

No cheese.

Then I was set free!  Yipee!!!!!

I like to jump on the end of the slide try to walk up then bound off!

Making my around to the...


The view from up here is amazing!

I can see for miles!

Oh no time out.

I took a quick rest break before....

...Trying the big slide.  Eek, I don't think I better go this way.

Better to just see this slide from the bottom as well.

Sand....oh lovely sand!

You so much fun to dig.


Biggify to see my sandy lips and nose.  Proving how much fun was had!