Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Banned from Burlington

Doggy Nanny instigated this trip to Burlington to fetch an item left behind during her trip.  She got Gracie a giraffe outfit to keep her warm. (side story when Gracie tried this on, I immediately grabbed the giraffe tail and dragged her around.  It was totally funny!  Ok maybe it was a little ruff, but funny still!)

Momma thought Burlington had just coats and hooman clothes but no!  They have house decor, baby stuffs, purses, electronics, and PET STUFFS!!!!!!!!  Well you know we just HAD to go look at the doggie section right?!?!  Well this is what happened.

  Lets dig in!

#haul Momma spent all her casino winnings and here is what we have.

A lovely heart hoodie, multiple bags of treats (which are nummy btw), a glitter collar, and 3 poop bag packs.

We didn't notice till we got home but would you look at that, its a poodle on the bag!  #awesome

The highest priced item was the hoodie at $5.99 (nomally hoodies are $20).  The treats were $4.99 (normally treats in this size bag are $9.99-16.99).  The glitter collar was $0.99 (basic nylon collars are $9.99-$14.99)  Last but not least was the poop bags.  The red set had a sticker for $1.99 the blue sets had a sticker for $9.99.  Momma took all three up and asked if the blue sets could be price matched to the red's price.  They did it.  We got a total of 720 bags and 3 dispensers for $6.00.  As a bonus the dispensers have a little notch on them making it easier for momma to tear the bag off the roll which made her simply giddy!

So now in addition to her self ban from Ross she is self banned from Burlington.  She says we are going to go broke saving money.  But come on these deals weren't just saving they were STEALS!!!!!



  1. Wow you found some great stuff!
    Hazel & Mabel

  2. Our pawrents always check the pet section when they go there!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley