Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Texas ICE-mageddon 2018

OH MY DOG you guys!  We got pelted wif ice here in Texas!!!!! Schools cancelled, banks closed, vet clinics shut down early and worst of all obedience class was cancelled!  It was graduation week and everything!!!!!!!!!  We even had to reschedule the mechanics appointment for the Murano Mobile.  Sad times, but we did have fun on our "Do Nothing" day as momma called it. 

Thinking there was no way I would want to go out and play momma didn't leash me and she opened the door to take a pic and look what happened. I BOLTED!!!!!!

EEK!  That was fun but I need to get inside and gets a sweater on!

Ice prints!

These stairs next to our porch lead to the upstairs apartments.

No one has come down them so its the perfect place to view the ice pellets. (Click to enlarge photo)

The concrete porch is as slick as a lizards tongue!  (Click to enlarge photo)

After getting pictures of the ice pellets we went inside, got a warm coat, got my leash out and as we peaked out back my tracks from earlier were almost gone!  It was really coming down!!!!

We decided to go out front and see what it looked like.  Im ready momma!

Oh boy it looks bright out there!

First thing we see is the "H"'s Freeze Warning sign.  Yep its freezing alright!

No one has been out here the icee-snow is untouched!


What now?!?!?

A nice sprinkling of ice prints.


I think that will do just fine.  My work here is done!

Outta my way momma, the couch is calling my name!

I took a pitstop on the stairs...

to rub off some of da icee balls.

Then ran and body slammed the couch!

Next I went for the pillows.

Oh yes!  Pillows were invented for rubbing your face ya know.

Head rub, my top knot was full of icee balls


...and roll...

...Throw your paws in the air, like you just dont care!

Last but not least zoomies in da house! 

Like a responsible doggie, I laid out my coat to dry.  Gotta go grab a snackie guys.  Bye!

#ICEmageddon #TexasIce #TEXAS #whenisspring

*Ice Queen*


  1. It is cold & icy in Texas! Brrrrr!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. All we're gettin is cold rain over in Plano!

  3. We're getting pounded with rain here. We wish it would just snow so we could have a day off!

  4. What a fun "do nothing day"!! We gots snice last weekend too!!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy