Saturday, February 17, 2018

Saturday Errands

 Momma always makes sure my furs are under control but since moving has forgotten about her hair.  So I took her to the local hooman grooming salon to get a trim.  She took off about 4 inches.  Its now shoulder length.

After the salon we drove right down the street to GoodYear for an oil change.  I was eyeing the tires but momma said I couldn't play in  them today.  Drat!

Since I couldn't play in the tires I took a little nap while momma watched youtube.

Then I awoke from my slumber upon hearing my name.  The lovely receptionist came over to let us know the car was done.  She also informed us that the power steering thingamajig is cracked and leaking.  Resulting in a humming when we turn left.  And a cabin filter thingamajig is bad.  She qoted us 1,043 milk bones.  I thought momma was going to cry right there in the office.  I bitey-ed her fingers to quickly revive her. 

After we got those errands marked off the to do list we stopped at a new place.  There were hundreds of dogs barking everywhere.  This sure isn't the dog park where could we be?!?!?!

PETS?  Clinic?  What?

So apparently momma found out that the local Pets clinic offers heartworm tests at a discounted price (They have other services too but I'm all up to date for now).  So since I have been on heartworm prevention for 1 year exactly (as of 2-15-18) I needed to be tested to ensure that the medicine was working.  Are you sure bouts this momma?

Ok, I'll be brave!

We got signed in and were #20 in line.  The place was chock full of doggies, kitties and hoomans.  We got to sit by a lovely cocker named Sugar (who also goes to Margot's) and 2 lovely labs named Elenor and Ben.  Ben was a full sized doggie but demanded to be held like a baby in his mommas lap.  He was sweet.  Then a nice gentleman came and called my name.  He took me behind the partition and gave me a pokie, stole my blood and put it in some plastic container.  Crazy!  Then he returned me to momma.  I got real quiet, laid my head on her shoulder and held on to her arm for dear life.  I wasn't going to go wif anyone else for more pokies. 

After 10 minutes the gentleman returned to let momma know my test was negative and thats a good thing!  Negative means my heart is free of those yucky wormies and the heartworm preventative is doing its job.  Even if its nasty and I really hate taking it.  He even took a picture of my test showing that it was negative so I could blog it.  That sure was kind of him!

When we got home we put my test results page in my doggie book for safe keeping and also grabbed my valentines day pawprint art to put it away.  We flipped to the page that had my puppy prints and wow have my paws grown!  These were made 11 months apart.  #memories #growingpuppy


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