Friday, February 16, 2018

Alone in the Dog Park - Time for a Photoshoot

At the dog park one evening we arrived and you will never guess what happened.  Momma saw her cousin Masyn again and her cousin Michael.  We just love seeing family all over the place.  Justyne, Michaels daughter, was there too and took a selfie with me.  They were the only ones in the park and were heading out as we headed in. 

I checked the hydrants for pee mail.

Oh I smell yorkie, schnauzer and chihuahua!

After that we did a quick photo shoot.

Then I spotted some doggies in the large dog park.  Gotta go!

On my way back to momma I found 1/2 a ball.  Seems it still can be thrown and retrieved.

So I grabbed it...

....and dropped it at mommas feet so she could throw it.  We played for a good 20 minutes. 

As the sun set we got some beautiful shots.

Then we headed for home.


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