Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Typical Saturday Plans

Back in late Janurary we had a fun Saturday.  The the temps topped out at 71 degrees, the sun was shining....

I found a stick to chew...

And Gracie was watching the laundry on the line.

When we went inside and Gracie challenged me to a round of Bitey Face!

Whew that tuckered me right out!

ALERT ALERT ALERT!  Car in the drive way.  Its Aunt Lynette and Aunt Brenda!

After giving them hugs and kisses and a few rounds of tug tug wif Gracie I was tuckered!

As was Gracie!

Once i had my power nap.  We went golf carting/walking.

SO much pee mail. There has been a lot going on in the neighborhood.

We had to take a facebook pic.

Then off to the playground.

A little digging.  *Disclaimer all holes were refilled by momma*

Then zoomies.

Hmm whats that?  Odd things were spotted being left in the park.  Thanks neighbor dog.

Lets investigate.

Nothing yet.

TONGS!  In the park?

A water gun.  That does seem like a fair fight!

No other evidence was found.  Hmm....I'll have to keep a check on the situation.

On the way home we found the local bird hangout. 

And we caught a beautiful Texas sunset.

Saturdays are always so much fun! 


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