Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Finding Furiends and Family in the Dog Park

Again I take you back to just before my recent hair appointment to show you my latest adventure at the dog park.  So now that the weather is warmer we are going to be frequent flyers at the dog park.  So after Obedience class last week on our way home we stopped by.  The first furiend I met was Millie.  She is a sweet little girl who loved playing ball. 

Then we were joined by Ollie the long hair dachshund (the white one on the right) and Ezra (the long haired lady on the left).  I wasn't sure about playing wif 3 dogs at one time but eventually we were all rolling around like old buddies!  Momma says I was rolled some 20 times and it was awesome.  I got grass on every part of my body!  SCORE!

Then this little dachshund fella joined the pawty and oh boy was he fun!  He was just my size.  We zoomied for a bit before he had to leave. 

Then a pack of cool pooches arrived.  3 yorkies, a maltese mix, and a schnauzer.  We had fun sniffing and running then outta no where people started coming up to us.  One of them was mommas cousin Masyn.  Oh my dog and one of those yorkies was Emma.  I've seen her picture on fb.  I didn't recognize her in the furs!   And Justyne picked me up to give me some extra attention.  I loved it!  She was recently featured in a blog post. So how is that for my first time back at the dog park.  Making furiends and finding family members.  Pretty awesome milk bones in my book. 



  1. OMD, that sounds like a totally pawesome visit! I'm glad you had so much fun. Sometimes the doggies at the dog park aren't so nice.

  2. Wowsa! What a day! I'm tired readin' abouts it!
    Ruby ♥