Sunday, February 4, 2018

Got My Hair Did!

Update: We scheduled this post and planned on coming home and putting pics in.  However, we had so much fun wif family, golf cart rides, and a trip to the dog park we plum forgots.  Anyhoo..... Here I am on my way into the salon.  I chose to go with the pink/black mustache set.

Momma started a loyalty card for grooming this time.  And look at the punch.  Its a paw!  Awe!

Here is our #groomerselfie after I got all trimmed up.  Faith put a caption of "Little miss Lucy came to visit today! Thanks Katie Wing she was such a joy to have at the shop". 😁"

After grooming we went to Doggy Nanny's house.  I got to meet Cody (Aunt Lynetts son) and Cain (Aunt Brenda's grandson).  Oh boy this meeting family stuff is simply da best!  After a bit the whole family loaded up and went to the Cotton Patch Cafe to meet Uncle Bobby and his son Jacob for lunch.  Unfortunately Gracie and I didn't get to go but we played bitey and tug tug so alls well that ends in bitey face.  Thats the saying right...right.  So here are some some pics Uncle Bobby and momma got while they were at the restaurant.  #familyphoto

Momma loved the decor especially the #texaspride with the giant texas flag!

She tried the chicken tenders and claims it was FANTASTIC!  Yet she didn't bring any home for me to sample.  Tsk Tsk!

At the restaurant Uncle Bobby's son Jacob said he couldn't wait to meet me.  Oh boy! I couldn't wait to meet him either. After eating all 9 of them came back to Doggy Nanny's house and I got to see and play wif everyone!

After that momma and I went golfcarting and to the dog park.  I shall save those photos for another day.



  1. WOWZERZ - soundz like a bizy day altho it wood haf bin better if your mom wooda saved u sum chiken tenderz.
    Lady Shasta'n Miss Maizie