Sunday, February 11, 2018

Aunt Gracie's Annual Vaccinations and License Renewal

Wonder where we are going Gracie?

This place looks interesting....what does that sign say?

EEK!  V-E-T.....

Gracie tried to make a break for it but I went and showed her the way.

We picked a lovely window seat.  And it was the perfect height for tiny doggies!

Look at the wall mural!  Stunning.  Looks like the WF Dog park.

And they even have a lovely fire hydrant and cat....

A CAT?!?!?!!?!?  He is precious!

Gracie stayed under mommas chair the whole time.

While I on the other paw was trying to be sly and sneak over to this poodle/chihuahua mix puppy. He was simply darling!

Vet Tech: We are ready for Gracie now.

That brought her out of hiding.

We will be right there.

Come on Gracie you can be brave!

Here is the exam room.  The vet tech sat down with us discussed what vaccines Miss Gracie was due for, asked if we were having any problems, took our weights (Gracie: 14.5 Lucy: 10.8) and answered some of our questions about limp-ee leggies. She then told us she would go draw up the vaccines and the Dogtor would be in with us in just a moment

They had a huge bench big enough for momma, me and the diaper bag. 

Gracie opted to sit under the bench behind mommas feets.  Only poking her head out if she heard a noise.

She heard the door knob turn and ran over to check it out.

Then it was her turn on the table!  The Vet Tech held her while the Dogtor administered the vaccines.  During his exam Dr. Bomar said Gracies toofers looked awesome, her ears were clean and her physical condition looked good.  Its always nice to get a good report from the Dogtor.

This is my intent listening face.  So it seems here in Texas there are different protocols/risks for disease.  The first change is Rabies vaccines are given every 3 years.  Thats 2 less pokes.  Score one for the doggies!  The next is instead of the 7-Way (which includes Lepto vaccine) they give 5-way vaccines.  Lepto is a lower risk here in town so no 7-way fur us.  Yipee!  Last but not lease was bordetella, they offer an oral 1 year vaccine.  So that means we won't have to come back in the fall for a booster. Score two for the doggies!  Dogtor Bomar told us bouts the K-9 Flu,  its a bigger risk in larger cities.  Like Dallas/Houston.  So if we go there and board they would require it.  However I think WF is big enough for us.  He said that we are not in the high risk catagory so we can opt out of that.  Score three for the doggies!

After the exam/vaccines we headed up front to pay.  The vet tech gave handed momma something special. Its Gracies Badge of Bravery!  This one was specially engraved just for her with the clinics info on the front and Gracie's name/Phone number on the back.  How cool is that.  I thought momma was going to faint when she saw it!

After the vet office we went over to Animal Services to renew Gracies License.  Now the city license runs concurrent with the rabies vaccine so Gracie will not have to come back for a renewal till 2021.  Sorry we didn't get pictures inside of the shelter, but I was browsing the puppy section hoping to convince momma I needed a little lab mix pup.   She said no.  :(

We rounded out our trip at Margots to pick up mommas check.  Seems when I went to grooming last week 2 checks stuck together and we had to pick up the extra one.  Silly momma!  Well when Miss Faith came to see me and give me pets I kind of tinkled then slipped then rolled in the tinkles.  Miss Faith was so kind to give me a quick wash down so I didn't have to go home smelling of tinkles.  Thanks Miss Faith!


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