Saturday, February 24, 2018

Sandy Day at the Park

We find lots of fun things when we are out on golf cart rides.  There are two parks along our route.  I normally get free play time at the City View Park when no one is there.  But today it was full so we rode along and came to the Sunset Terrace Park.  And amazingly it was empty.  For the first time evers. 


Of course I had to do the obligatory photos for momma.  Cheese!

I just wanna play.

Ok, cheese!

Seriously though, can't I go play?

No cheese.

Then I was set free!  Yipee!!!!!

I like to jump on the end of the slide try to walk up then bound off!

Making my around to the...


The view from up here is amazing!

I can see for miles!

Oh no time out.

I took a quick rest break before....

...Trying the big slide.  Eek, I don't think I better go this way.

Better to just see this slide from the bottom as well.

Sand....oh lovely sand!

You so much fun to dig.


Biggify to see my sandy lips and nose.  Proving how much fun was had!