Sunday, February 4, 2018

Making a New FB Banner and a Prickly Situation

The last banner I had for FB was similar but momma wanted some of my curls in it.  So while we were at Doggy Nanny's and had good light we did a quick little photoshoot. 

And the last one she took was the winner.  Here's my new FB banner. #texaspride #texaspoodle #yeehaw

While we were visiting momma noticed I had something....but it was camouflaged in my furs. 

Upon closer inspection it was one of the prickly balls from outside.  I went out the doggie door, picked one up and brought it inside for my chewing pleasure.  Doggy Nanny said I have been doing that a lot lately.  In between stick and pecan missions. 

We did some research and these are spiky Sweet Gum balls.  Good as tennis balls in my book.  :)