Monday, February 19, 2018

OTCWF - Basic Obedience Training Class #6 - 2018

 This week we did more drills.  We got an excellent tip of how to help wif the staying for returns to the dog.  Start by going side to side, walk closer to the dog each time, reward for staying.  Small puppy steps and not the whole end product.  Brilliant!  Mrs Connie also told the pawrents they can put their finger in the little divit between our eyes to help us stay put.  These tips helped me and momma get better results.  This week Puddin the Pug put on quite a show.  He is a spirited young doggie just like me!  :)

Next week is graduation....Can't believe its already here.  Per the handout we will have a little program in class.  Oh boy!   Now since we are in the Wednesday class we get a bonus week.  So we will go until the 28th of February.  Wonder what fun we will have that day?

In wif our week 6 class homework sheets was a Judging Program for the Rally and Obedience trials presented by the OTCWF.  I wish we could have attended to watch the doggies but it we had other errands to get done.  Maybe next time.


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