Friday, February 9, 2018

We Turned the Living Room into an Agility Course

Recently I showed you this picture.  These are for my TKI title practice.

Well, having so much fun at Obedience class I convinced momma to pull out all the training gear.  We don't use our living room much.  So why not make it my play room.  I know!  Brilliant!!!!!

We have weaves, a jump, figure 8 cones, a load up box, wobble board, tunnel, mail box for my TKA title, and behind the mail box is my bell.


Some times I even do my tricks when momma isn't in the room.  She will be doing what ever it is humans do in her room and she will hear me ring my bell or hear my nails on the tunnel.  She will hollar "Yes, Good Girl" from the other room.   I like having my own play room.