Thursday, February 1, 2018

Momma's Work Situation

 So in a recent post I made a comment that momma had an interview for a job.  While is actively searching for a new job offering more green papers I forgot to mention that she did get a job not long after we got to WF.  Back in early November she interviewed with a call center and got the job and the position started just after Thanksgiving.  She was so happy.  She packed her own diaper bag....erm work bag full of lunch foods, water bottles, a book, a name tag and her wallet.  She posted on FB that she was off on another adventure.  I am happy that I get to go to daycare on a regular basis again...its fun staying home wif momma but seriously I gotta have ample Gracie time.  Mommas happy because of those green papers they hand out.

Recently she drove me by her work place.  So sad looking, no yard, no slides, no puppies.  Seriously I don't understand the appeal.  I'll take Aunt Gracies Day Care any day!!!

But what ever makes momma happy, makes me happy.  She did mention that there is a "company kitchen" in the break room wif snacks so that might be ok.  Here is one of her favorite snacks.

And speaking of snacks, she has won some neat incentives like a Hickory Farms Snack pack.

And a $15 Starbucks Gift Card from the Christmas drawing.

She recently got a new "account" selling "swans" and sold so many she got a little bonus.   Momma can we use that to buy treats?  I'm runnin low!



  1. We are glad you mom has a job so she can buy you treats. We hope she finds one that pays more soon!

  2. We hope she sells lots of swans so you can have all the treats you can eat!

  3. Gettin those green papers for treats are important!

  4. Good to get the green papers
    Hazel & Mabel