Wednesday, December 27, 2023

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Embark Results for Cora Jean

The Results Are In!

 Drum Roll Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was totally not on our bingo card, but looking back at pictures I can forsure see the maltese on Willows side with the smaller ears, lower ear set, and fluffy fur.  And on Beaudroux's side chihuahua chinese crested mix just like Poppy.  

For health I am clear on all but one.  I show to have 2 copies of the Dwarfism gene.  

From Embark:
What does this mean for Cora Jean?

We do not know whether this increases the risk that Cora Jean will develop this disease.

Research studies for this variant have been based on dogs of other breeds. Not enough dogs with the breeds in Cora Jean have been studied to know whether or not this variant will increase Cora Jean’s risk of developing this disease.

She inherited both copies of the variant we tested

What can you do?

If your dog is affected, we recommend the following actions:


Monitor for signs of hypoglycemia, including not eating, lethargy, and inability to stand. Call your veterinarian immediately for advice if you notice these signs.


In it relative...relatives...anyhoo...I have a sibling on Embark.  His name is Pablo Escobar.  We reached out to his family but haven't heard back.  We see he has similar features as Willow and I.  Softer ears, lower ear set, blonde fur.  Can't wait to connect with him!

While it was surely unexpected results it is so much fun to find out this information.  


Embark Things

 When Cora got her swab done we had to activate her kit online.  Thus we ran across Poppy and Lucy's results.  We went clicking through and found something interesting.  Lucy was at risk of Interverebral Disc Disease. We had some idea of what it was but didn't think much of it.  She never had back issues, only knee issues.  But now hindsight is 20/20 and well yeah....embark was right one good fall and her disk ruptured causing her to go lame. If I didn't have faith in dog DNA tests I sure do now.  Poppy has one copy of one gene for degenerative myelopothy.  Which means she is a carrier but not necessarily at risk.  But its good she is out of the breeding pool.  Im dying to get Coras results back now. 

Cora's Embark DNA Test

 Hmmm...a box for lil ol me?

Ooh so pretty and colorful!

Interesting art work.

Unleash my story....activate, swab and mail?

This will tell me my family history?  Neat....and excuse me you said the swab goes where?

Oh my dog!  What an experience.  Momma took this sponge that was as big as me and put it in my mouth...swished it around, rubbed it on both cheeks and the whole thing last like 700 dog minutes!

After momma shook the tube with the purple stuff...Hey wait a minute was that like a dipping sauce or something...maybe thats why the sponge was so dry.  Anyhoo we put the sample in the bubble mailer.

Got ready for shipping.

*eek* I still have the taste of sponge in my mouth! off the tab....

...seal it up.

...and away it goes.

After things settled and I got the sponge taste out of my mouth with a treat...Poppy explained that Embark does doggy DNA tests.  They look at you spit at a microscopic level and can tell breed, hair type, frame type, and inherited genes pertaining to health.  That does sound pretty cool.

Pup Dates:


Doggy Nannys

 When we arrived at Doggy Nannys she was no where to be found.  Hmm...I think I will take a little sniffari over here see what I can find.

Oh Hi Momma!  No I wasn't snooping or nothin'!

A bit later Doggy Nanny arrived home from wally-mart and...

... oh boy she got treats and everything!

You might be wondering where Poppy was...well she found a full size quilt and promptly made a nest.

I then noticed how comfy she was and joined her.

RATS!  She figured out how to jump onto my only safe space here.  

MOMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Doggy Nanny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Cora and Poppy

Somethings Missing

We LOVE LOVE LOVE our new Barbie Dream Crates....but something seemed to be missing.

I grabbed a chewie and did some thinking.

Then it hit me....we need to personalize the exteriors!  Since Poppy has so many tags, we started with hers.  I found this perfect purple heart.  It fits the Barbie Dream Crate Theme and the color really pops with the pink crate.  

And since we don't wear our rabies/city license tags on our everyday collars we hung those up too.  They are on little command hooks so if we are going to be out and about we can just slip them off the crate and onto our harnesses.  

The whole doggie corner.  Excuse our mess mommas been slacking on putting our clean clothes away.  

Momma then surprised us with a crate tag from Trash Panda!  

Its the life in the dreamhouse tag!!!!!

And here it is on the door.

We even made a custom phone background for momma to match.

Just Be-Boppin Around the Yard


Pop Co