Saturday, December 9, 2023

Spay Recovery

My surgery site.  After that first night of some pain I was a ok.  I was moving slow but didn't experience any issues.  


A few days later.

Enough pictures momma.  I needs me rest!

The night before we went to get my stitches out my surgery site looked fantastic. 

When it was time to get my stitches out we did a curbside visit.  When the tech called momma she asked how I did and momma said "oh she was perfect.  Never bothered the stitches" and the tech responded "oh yes I knew she would be good.  I remember Cora very well.".  They took me inside, pulled my stitches and the doctor gave me the ok.  I was returned to momma and comended on my good behavior.  Sadly there were no pictures.  But I am happy that phase of life is over!


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